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Anyone else see this announcement? As video content creators, how do you feel about this? See More
Check out this article talking about the devices people are watching YouTube from. While mobile continues to be the top performer, connected TV is gaining ground!

Based on this info, I'm curious to... See More
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I just finished up this article for video newbies and video veterans on what they should include heading into 2021 when it comes to their video marketing strategy.

And now I want to hear from you... See More
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Being someone who has been in front of the camera before, I find myself creating a lot of bloopers, and every once in awhile I get the chance to see them...

With that, I'd love to see some of the... See More
How do you define what makes a video successful within your organization? Consider the following:

Does my team understand how and when to use it? Do they understand WHY they're being asked to help... See More
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Hey gang, would love to take a look and have you share with each other the BEST video content you've been using.

Post your links and tell us about your submission.

Let's have some fun and get some... See More
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I am was working on putting together captions for a couple videos and realized this might be a good question for this community: What are your favorite video captioning tools?

To give some context,... See More
I recently came back from a day of filming to find that one of my files was corrupted. For some strange reason my card wrote two files for the same video (even though I did not have that function... See More
Inspired by Connor DeLaney 's post on mentally preparing to be on camera, there's another side to this: as the persons interviewing the talent on camera, how do you make them feel more... See More
I'm pretty new to video and was planning to film yesterday but was having a lot of mental blocks that made it difficult to "get in the zone" and I started doubting myself. This led to me not... See More
Hey all!

I've been helping a ton of clients build out their first list of Selling Seven videos that they plan to add to their website, and it's a fun but frustrating conversation to start because... See More
We all know video production is a PROCESS. I want to know: What are some of your tips and tricks to making this process more efficient? Have you tried something that didn't work, and why didn't... See More


Welcome to the squad of video gurus that have generally the same "good, bad, and ugly" as you do.

The job title of "videographer" is short-selling ourselves. The list of what we actually do for our organizations is better described as "video educators". 

We're the advocates of the coolest medium on earth. 

We create visual content, we "show" the thing, we teach our teams how to use what we create, we get Nervous Nellys excited about being on-camera, and so much more.

Let's share ideas, wins, lessons learned, and funny stories to make our jobs easier and more fun.

Being the lone videographer in an organization can feel isolating at times. 

Let's change that! :)


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