Sales Professionals Peer Group

Sales Professionals Peer Group

About This Community

The role of the sales professional has changed. What used to be a siloed approach to bringing in leads and closing deals between sales and marketing has now become a coordinated effort between both teams. 

If you don’t adjust to that new reality, you and your business will fall behind. 

That’s why we created the Sales Professionals Virtual Peer Group!

This group, led by IMPACT’s Lead Digital Sales & Marketing Coach Chris Marr, is designed to help you adapt to those changes and overcome the new challenges of being a modern sales professional. 

Topics will include implementing assignment selling and video content into your sales process, hosting valuable virtual sales calls, working with your marketing team, and more!

We all have one common goal, bring in revenue, and make our marketing team look like heroes! In this group, share your wins and your losses. We are all here to help each other become the best sales representatives while embracing the new way of selling!