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Sales Professionals

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Sending the right amount of homework is something I struggle with a lot, often I ask myself am I sending too much or not enough.

In most follow-ups, I send 4-6 articles and 1 - 2 videos. The time... See More
What is everyone doing to make traction during these odd times? I personally use a ton of video, but curious if there are any other best practices people are using to get their outreach seen!

cc ... See More
Hey all!

A few quick questions for the sales professionals:
1. Is lead response time important for you & your business?
2. On average, what is your lead response time?
(Example: within 5 minutes,... See More


Welcome to the sales professionals community page!

We all have one common goal, bring in revenue, and make our marketing team look like heroes! In this group, share your wins and your losses. We are all here to help each other become the best sales representatives while embracing the new way of selling!


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