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We are T-minus 6 days away from the Website Optimization Summit.

Who are you most excited to see speak at the event?

Are you planning on joining us for some awesome networking lounges between sessions?

Who is bringing snacks??

These are the questions we can't wait to hear from you about (at least the first 2 haha)!

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Too often I hear that members of our community have challenges that they justhave to live with rather than being able to take on that challenge and conquer it.

So let's get them out in the open!

What is something you are being challenged by in your role that you can't wait to get rid of or that you feel stuck with?

Drop them in the comments below and let's overcome them together See More
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Hi all!

Want to be featured on an upcoming episode of The Hubcast?

Share a story of a HubSpot win you've had in a comment below! (bonus points if you record a GoVideo!)

It can be anything - from running a successful campaign with great analytics, to figuring out a way to hack the platform to work for your team, to creating an awesome custom report.

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YouTube is making it easier than ever for YouTube content creators to track the performance of their videos as well as their audience engagement with their video content.

Some of the new tracking features include: Living Room data - This means is impressions derived from sources like TV and video game consoles will be available in channels’ analytics count. New and returning viewers - This new metric is going to be helpful because it will allow creators to see who is returning to a channel and who is viewing its content for the first time.

Check out the full article from Search Engine Journalto see more!

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Hi everyone!

I posted recently about expanding our in-house marketing team. As part of that, it looks like we'll have the opportunity to add a part-time graphic designer sooner rather than later -- which is great news for our content marketing efforts. My plan is to have her work on layouts and designs for premium content, as well as things like infographics for blog articles and web pages. I'm sure having better visuals will help our content to have a bigger impact on our prospects.

Because this is going to be a big part of our inbound and TAYA strategy, I'd like to make sure she has a solid foundation in both of those concepts as soon as possible. I'm going to send her some articles from IMPACT and HubSpot about inbound and TAYA, and... See More
Hello all,

I was wondering what your favorite ways are to celebrate the content that your SMEs produce or help produce (as well celebrating your SMEs)?

I've been working with some new SMEs and getting more collaboration from others that had good experiences.I have some go-to tactics but I want to fill my celebration toolbox to the brim so I can best make them feel like the rock stars they are as well as bring the deserved attention to the valuable content that they're helping create. See More
Not to pull at your heart strings, but in reality, I am trying to do exactly that. I'm looking to buy a lighting kit for photography and video recording that's easy to use and pretty portable to move around for my girlfriend's birthday. She has a personal baking account with ~4k followers and I want to help her make it even better without having to always rely on natural light for photoshoots or tutorials.

What kits or tech would you recommend? Pricepoints and places to buy them are a plus!

Thanks :) See More
Hey All!!

I am new to Impact, I literally found it just doing some research online and it seems pretty interesting. I currently am in school and studying digital marketing so I figured this could be a great tool for me! I am super stoked to be able to find out what I can learn with this amazing tool and what I can learn from all of you!

Thank you! See More
Social Media Today asked the question: How do we reduce trolls, manipulation, and abuse on social media? The answer they found may surprise you.

In the UK, there is a petition with well over 100,000 signatures asked Parliament to require identity verification with social media.

If you ask me, this sounds like a huge identity and data risk waiting to happen. While yes, itcould reduce the spread of online bullying and abuse, most people, at least in the adult age group (18+) don't really try to hide their identity as is when online.

I'm interested to see the type of legal battle that comes from a conversation like this and if it will set the tone for future conversations about legal regulation of social media platforms.

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This article from Search Engine Journal was a great read if you are having issues getting your website crawled. In it, it shares the 5 most common issues as well as solutions for them! Think your site is having issues getting crawled? Here are the 5 core issues from the article:

Crawled – currently not indexed (Quality issue). Duplicate content. Discovered – currently not indexed (Crawl budget/quality issue). Soft 404. Crawl issue.
Do you agree? is there something missing from the list? Share your thoughts below.

Here's a link to the full article
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Made a quick video to elaborate on what i'm running into when reaching out to companies who have 0 videos or video strategy.
Check out this video: share.vidyard.com See More
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I'm brand new here and I want to learn about business and marketing digital.
I want to get a website and become an affiliate for companies like Amazon and Alibaba. Any reccomendations or tips? See More
If you run an agency or you're a designer, this topic has come up more than once I'm sure. If you haven't seen this video by Chris Do, check it out because it has great information and examples.

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In light of International Women's Day, Burger King launched a controversial campaign on Twitter, saying "Women belong in the kitchen."

Following the tweet is a message about providing scholarships to females pursuing careers in culinary, however, as you may imagine, the Tweet was not received well.

Shouts of Sexism and poor taste rang across the internet over the following days and the Tweet was later deleted on March 8th with an apology issued by the account.

While the intent was good, it certainly missed the mark in my eyes and the eyes of most. Shock tactics in marketing are very much a hit or miss strategy and this one was a flop.

What would you say about this campaign?

Here's a link to a full article by AdAge to get the full story.
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If you haven't experienced this problem, you will, and it's coming. Hopefully, you can prepare for it. I wasn't and I am dealing with it now. Or maybe you've gone through it and you can provide me some additional consult.

Let me explain.

We started our relationship with Marcus over 3 1/2 years ago and have continued strengthening our content strategy with the rest of the iMPACT team the last few years. We have been so successful at what we've been taught. When I say successful, I mean we are seeing the results that all of you have been seeing if you've implemented what you've been taught. Yes, we have seen our traffic explode with our content ranking, more qualified leads coming in, building a better relationship with our sales team by... See More
Friends, we're going to bring on an intern over the summer to help with some social media posting, scheduling, etc. Does anyone have a great job description they've used in the past?

As an aside, we're also considering hiring someone full-time in the fall, who would be responsible for social media, as well as community outreach and engagement. If you have a job description for that, I'd love to see it! THANK YOU!!!! See More
Time to check in and see what books you have been adding to your bookshelf lately! For me, it's been The Forever Transaction by Robbie Kellman Baxter and The Visual Sale by Marcus Sheridan and Tyler Lessard (good refresher.

How about you? See More
Am an education consultant and seeking different ways to make learning fun,engaging and impactful.am glad to be on board and hope to develop more skills as I also will like to help contribute to this platform See More

Lately I've been working on revamping some previously produced 80% videos and making them more personable to be sent by individual sales reps from my team. My biggest hurdle at the moment is the teaser and call to actions at the end.
I'm curious if anyone else in this group has some examples or guidance when it comes to making them feel genuine and personable. I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with. See More