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Hello! I'm starting to get more opportunities to visit our customer sites, which has been great to better understand our customers and the industries we serve (I'm new to industrial marketing and having to wear steel toe boots :) ).

As marketers, what kinds of questions do you ask when you interact with your customers? See More
It's easy to look back and say "I would've done XYZ differently if I'd known." At the same time, so many learning opportunities come out of those experiences, good and bad, and it can be hard to say you wouldn't be where you are with it if you didn't go through that.

Still though, I'm sure there are some opportunities where you would've turned back the clock just a bit to do it differently.

So here is today's question:

If you could go back to when you first started implementing They Ask, You Answer, what is one thing you would tell yourself or your team to have done differently?

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Search Engine Journal did an awesome round-up of what to expect in GA4, with new reporting features and updates that are especially useful for marketers using the tool!

From this quick recap, it seems like it's bringing a lot of helpful tools that users have been asking for! Have you read the article? Check it out and share what you're excited about :) See More
How can I get more viewers on Facebook. I used to get over 100 viewers on my Facebook live show. Since I have been streaming with another service and not Facebook, viewers have declined.

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I'm looking for a talented Content Manager to join my team! It's the perfect opportunity for someone who loves writing, editing, optimizing, and watching your content efforts drive sales. Check it out if you or someone you know may be interested

P.S. this job description will look VERY familiar to those who've watched the "How to hire a content manager" training ... thanks Liz Moorehead! See More
We recently ran into an issue where we had to completely rebuild our lead scoring (somehow we had 181 filters in our Hubspot Score property and for some reason, it only now said we could only have 100).

I built out our new scores based on categories and it is now much more insightful. But, since we are a B2B company, I was wondering if it could be useful to create a lead company score?

I know you can add/subtract points based on a company's contact's actions (confusing!) or their lead score but haven't looked into it a lot. When I played around with it, I left more confused, to be honest.

So, my question is - has anyone used company scoring & what kind of triggers did you use? See More
You have questions... lots of questions! And those questions deserve answers. We have a team here dedicated to helping you crush it and we are making ourselves even more accessible to this awesome community. Think of it this way: You Ask, We Answer sound familiar?

That's why I'm teaming up with Nick Bennett , John Becker and our network of coaches, trainers, and experts to answer your questions around digital sales and marketing!

So Connor, what questions should I ask? We want to answer your questions about all things content marking, social. email, webpage copy, conversion rates, sales, video, video in sales, video in marketing, tools and tech, paid ads, and literally anything else you have on your mind that will help you succeed.... See More
Basically I am contemplating how I can increase my sale volume on Facebook and a massive prospecting or recruitment into my business. That is June's ultimate goal See More
We have been in business for over 25 years, and have 50 franchises across the country. The problem, frankly, is out of those 50 franchises, only a handful are operating where they should be. We are working on that (using a lot of what I am learning here.) But, we are starting to think about selling more franchises again (we pretty much stopped selling locations 10-15 years ago.) But, one of the big things we want to do is learn how to find better buyers. In the past it was pretty much, if they write us a check, then we'll sell to them.

Our franchises are a great business to own, with a fairly low cost of entry, low overhead, and significant revenue possibilities, but most of our owners just aren't really that motivated to grow. What... See More
I'm re-reading Discover Your CliftonStrengths by Don Clifton and think it could be cool (for those who have taken the assessment or not) to share what your strengths are and how you feel they factor into your day-to-day success!

Here are my top five strengths: 1. Strategic
2. Achiever
3. Significance
4. Competition
5. Command
I always need a goal to be working towards and a reason to get there sooner than later, I love to lead and play an important role on every team or project I'm a part of, and achieving a result only fuels me to do it again!

How about you? Do you know your strengths and how to use them day in and day out?

Share your strengths down below!

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Good day all,

This was brought to my attention and I'm betting some folks in the community are using WordPress so this pluginmay be in use.

The "Fancy Product Designer" plugin for WordPress is currently being exploited via a critical zero-day flaw to cause all sorts of havoc including uploading malicious files to WordPress instances as well as full site takeover. The attack bypasses WordPress's built-in firewall feature.

The recommended action in the article below is to uninstall the plugin until a patched version is available.

Read more here --> https://www.bankinfosecurity.com/uninstall-now-critical-wordpress-plug-in-flaw-exploited-a-16785

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If you've read They Ask, You Answer before, then you know the importance of writing comparison articles for your prospective buyers.

As I work to put together an upcoming comparison article, I want to get some inspiration (and give you the opportunity to flex your They Ask, You Answer muscles) by sharing some examples you and your team have created!

When you share, feel free to include interesting info about the article, including: What did the process look like for creating the article? Was there any pushback from your company or competitors? What made this article valuable for your prospective buyers? Are there any metrics or results that came from it since being published? Keven Ellison Adam Stahl Kaitlyn Pintarich Kate Vinnedge... See More
We are thrilled to launch They Ask, You Answer certificationyou can now join some of the best sales and marketing coaches in the world!

If you would like to learn more drop me a line here or chiggins@impactplus.com and we can hop on a call.

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We've been making a lot of videos that require us to purchase voiceovers for each one - which can get expensive.

Does anyone know of any voiceover websites that offer subscriptions (similar to what you can find for background music, photos, etc.)?

Or, does anyone has experience finding one voiceover artist to become your company's voice? Or know where to look for one?

We're open to any and all ideas if anyone has run into this same problem.

Also not sure if this is the right group to post this in so let me know if I should post elsewhere!

Thanks in advance! See More
We've launched our very own IMPACT+ BetterBookClub!

If you're an avid reader, join an avid community of readers and knowledge seekers by joining the IMPACT+ BetterBookClub. Here's how to get started: Go to our homepage and in the left hand navigation, select Book Club Fill out our quick form to apply to join our Book Club and continue to scroll to learn more about what BetterBookClub is and how it works! Your application will be approved within 3-5 days of your application to join and you will be sent a formal invitation from our team to join our Book Club.
That's it! Have any questions? Drop them in this thread :) Otherwise, can't wait to see all the books we're reading! See More
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We've launched 5 new courses and lessons in May! Here's the lineup:
4 content guides to convert leads, close deals and delight customers
Course - 1 hour 33 minutes
Membership - Pro

Join Kevin Phillips as you learn how to create four types of content that attract more visitors to your site, convert more leads, closes more sales, and turns customers into brand evangelists.

Check out Kevin's course now >

Investing in your business website's user experience
Course - 37 minutes
Membership - Free
Join Chris Duprey as you learn the role your business website needs to play to get the results you're looking for, what makes your site great for ideal buyers, and the consequences of not investing in your user experience.

Check out Chris'... See More
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In our last mastermind we discussed the topic of mergers and acquisitions - there is a lot of movement happening in the Agency World - I have two videos to help Agency Owners - drop me a line if you have any questions or need some help.

How much is my Agency Worth?

How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency See More
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From Search Engine Journal: "Google expands shopping integrations to include retailers on WooCommerce, GoDaddy, and Square"

More retailers can now show their products on Google. This will shorten the distance between a search and a product.

Does that change the game for anyone? See More
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Carina Duffy , Jessica Palmeri , Jennifer Barrell and I were all discussing this issue that we've been seeing within the different industries we work with. So we have a question for you:

Are you experiencing this issue? What content have you created to address this? (And please share an example if you have one!) What has been the response from some of your prospects/customers?
Let us know in the comments! See More
I've been using Outgrow to build a pricing calculator and would love your feedback. You can go through the calculator without submitting any information (just stop at the last step before submitting for a quote.) Choose "Concrete Leveling" as the option. Most of the others say "We don't provide that service." This would eventually be embedded within our website.

It's really been a balancing act between making it as simple as possible while having some kind of meaningful result. I still haven't been able to fully sell the sales team on this idea. But we are making progress. Any feedback at all is appreciated.

a1concreteleveling.outgrow.us See More