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About a year ago we moved from an industry CRM to SalesForce. We have been using HubSpot for much longer. We have integrated the two, but we would be very interested in discussing and networking to learn some best practices of this integration. We have also integrated our platform with ZoomInfo and would be happy to share that too. See More
Hello IM+ community!

I feel like in March and April, there was a huge push around self-education. For those who lost their jobs, it was a way of upskilling themselves to find their next job. For those who were fortunate enough to still have a job, it was a way of becoming more valuable and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Now that things have returned to some alternate universe semblance of normal, more time is being spent on work tasks (with less time to focus on self-education.)

Content creators and event organizers since February/March responded in a big way.

But that leaves someone like me with a huge amount of resources and not knowing which ones are truly worth spending what little free time I have on. I always... See More
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We all read and publish a lot of content. This is your one-stop shop to find and share content that everyone ought to learn from.

For each post, I'd recommend you share a link to the content as well as a quick blurb about what you found interesting, informative, or otherwise made it worth sharing! See More
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Hey All!

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help me here. We are closing out our online storefront for the time being, and I want to find any links from our main site that link to the online storefront so I can remove them. Are there any tools to do this? For reference, main site: industrialpackaging.com ; storefront order.industrialpackaging.com.

Thanks in advance and Happy Friday!

David See More
As leaders of organizations, how do you create a culture that encourages learning and professional development? I know now more than ever it is challenging to ask people to put their time towards this, but I'd love to hear the different approaches we all take to do so. Thanks! See More
We just published this today, but here's a quick overview of the changes!www.impactbnd.com

As noted, our HubSpot team was pretty surprised that these updates were rolled out with little to no fanfare. Hope y'all enjoy these! See More
After a summer of limited camp opportunities, the fall doesn't look much better for our 10 and 6 year olds.

For us in Connecticut, my kids' school is going back to a hyrbid model, meaning they'll only be in school two days a week.

How's it looking for everyone else? What are your plans? See More
I recently came back from a day of filming to find that one of my files was corrupted. For some strange reason my card wrote two files for the same video (even though I did not have that function on) and I was able to get my footage off my card and on to a timeline. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any methods of recovering corrupt footage or salvaging a corrupt card as I feel like I may run into this problem again later on and I won't be so lucky. See More
Here's an interesting take from Marketing Land's Greg Sterling about how national brands struggle to advertise to local markets:

"The majority (61%) of [survey] respondents (154 multi-location brands) admit that local digital marketing remains for them “a largely untapped opportunity.” And 77% complain that executing a local-digital marketing strategy across all their stores is very challenging."

Thoughts? See More
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This is something content managers come up against time and time again—they need collaboration from the rest of the company to create content, but it's often something that's pushed aside as "the content manager's job" in its entirety.

True- content managers do a lot of writing and creating content, but for a company to form a culture of content in following a They Ask, You Answer philosophy, everyone needs to be engaged in the effort in some form or another.

At IMPACT, it's set in stone from the get-go in our employee handbook that everyone contribute at least 1 piece of content per month. And yet we still have a rockstar Content Team ( Liz Moorehead , Ramona Sukhraj , and John Becker ) who crank out TONs of content themselves.... See More
Thanks to Liz Moorehead for a great article about Revenue Teams!

I'm wondering if anyone else is embracing this model in your organization?

As our first and only marketing employee, I already "live" in the sales department. I participate in all of our weekly sales meetings and activities, and my goals are directly tied to sales goals.

I've been adamant that while we need more marketing manpower, we should not create a separate marketing department. Instead, I'd like to see our current Sales Team Plus One Marketer grow into a Revenue Team with a more balanced representation of both sales and marketing professionals.

I've already adopted a lot of the reporting tactics Liz mentioned in the article, like weekly updates of content published... See More
Hey everybody, wondering what HubSpot integrations you all use (both big and small) that make life better? I use some pretty standard ones currently but would love to know any you couldn't live without. Thanks! See More
"You’ve no doubt heard the well-worn advice that 'if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.' It’s a nice idea but a total myth."

In this telling article from Harvard Business Review, Jennifer Moss debunks some long-held beliefs about work-life balance.

Does your passion for work lead you to overcommit and tax yourself beyond what's healthy?

I know I've struggled with being a workaholic in the past. Anyone else? See More
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Inspired by Connor DeLaney 's post on mentally preparing to be on camera, there's another side to this: as the persons interviewing the talent on camera, how do you make them feel more comfortable in the moment? How do you get the most out of them during the time you have with them? Here are some of my favorite things to do:

Make sound check fun; instead of asking them to count to 10, I always ask my subjects what they had for breakfast to break the ice Ask easier questions first; kind of like a warmup to a workout we want to get into a good rhythm of conversation. Acknowledge and listen. Nod your head, and make eye contact Ask good follow up questions that relate to what they said.
What are your tips for getting the most out of your... See More
I'd love to know what books everyone is reading, even if they aren't super business-y! See More
I'm pretty new to video and was planning to film yesterday but was having a lot of mental blocks that made it difficult to "get in the zone" and I started doubting myself. This led to me not recording at all, which wasn't a great feeling. I'd love to know, whether you're a videographer or someone who finds themselves in front of the camera a lot, what mental tricks or routines do you use to get into recording mode? See More
What's up IMPACT Plussers?

My computer recently crashed, and I lost all my bookmarks and Google Chrome extensions.

Needless to say, I was devastated.

Once the tears dried up and I glued my hair back to my head, I started putting the pieces back together.

One of the first things I did was re-install my favorite Chrome extensions that I use almost every day as a content marketer.

And that got me thinking: What Chrome extensions do other content marketers use that they can't live without? What makes these extensions so valuable (beyond the FREE price tag)?

So I put together a quick list of 4 of my favorite Chrome extensions I use when updating existing blogs, stalking competitor articles, or just double checking that all is good and well on my... See More
Hey all!

I've been helping a ton of clients build out their first list of Selling Seven videos that they plan to add to their website, and it's a fun but frustrating conversation to start because it ALWAYS leads to bigger conversations beyond just video....

We go from having a "What videos should we add to our website?" conversation, to a "How do I want people to actually navigate through my website and what pages or pieces of content are currently missing that many people need before they'll actually reach out?"....... Which is SUCH a bigger conversation than video, but it's tied directly to the strategy of website videos.

I've found that many people have not ever viewed their website as an intentional path or an experience, but instead... See More
Hey IMPACT+ family!

We send out an email twice a month that brings you up to speed with everything happening in the IMPACT+ world, but I will also be sharing it here with you all moving forward :)

Here's what's going on!

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