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Hiya, I'm not a videographer, but I work closely with freelancers to create video content.

The biggest thorn on my side...

Case Studies.

I'm looking for tips on making Zoom versions compelling in our digital-only reality.

On-site video case studies: With masks required in studio, save for the speaker, what are recommendations do you have for videos that are usually filmed with an interviewer? Transition shots with the questions? Off-camera voice? Filming the interviewer and the interviewee separately isn't an option in this scenario.

Any other tips to make B2B case studies more appealing.

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We've seen a LOT of businesses and clients close their doors or downsize due to the pandemic. And while I feel we've done a really great job around creating content around COVID and insurance (I own an insurance agency), it didn't feel like enough to me.

So, I created this video/email and sent it out to all our commercial clients.

I'd love your feedback. And also, I'd love to hear what your response would be.

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Hey content writers!

I imagine some of us out here are armies of one — serving as both writer and editor in our organizations

What are your tips for editing your own work? How do you bring a fresh set of eyes to something you yourself have written?

Liz Moorehead ? Adam Stahl ? Ramona Sukhraj ? Jennifer Barrell ? Stephanie Hurd ? A penny for your thoughts. See More
Hi all!

I'm Elle, a new member of the IMPACT+ community and the new digital marketing and content manager for Enrollment Builders. I made a short video introducing myself and sharing some tips that helped me during my recent onboarding experience. My supervisor is a member of the IMPACT+ community and this community shaped some of my onboarding experience. I can't thank everyone enough for helping to make my onboarding at Enrollment Builders great!

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Our virtual peer groups are one of our most sought-after offerings here in IMPACT+, so let's make sure you apply your seat correctly!

Note: This is an IMPACT+ paid feature through IMPACT+ Pro or purchasing a seat.

Applying your IMPACT+ virtual peer group seat See More
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Digital Sales & Marketing World is back and better than ever!

Add it to your calendar and save the date now: https://www.digitalsalesandmarketingworld.com/
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I used to hate being on video.

In fact, about a year and a half ago, I had a downright scarring experience with video for IMPACT (which resulted in a lot of crying and self-loathing) that made me swear I would never willingly go in front of a camera ever again.

Things are very different today. I now oversee our video program, and I just got home tonight from another video shoot for IMPACT. In fact, with 40+ videos under my belt now in the past four months, I can confidently say filming has become one of my favorite ways to spend my time during the workweek.

What changed?

Well, my personality is the same, I haven't lost any weight, and I'm still the same six-foot-tall loud mouth I've always been.

In fact, I haven't changed at all.

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Perhaps there’s many ways (I’d be in that boat as well) but what’s one thing that looking back to when you started on IMPACT+ you go, “wow, [insert year before joining] me wouldn’t have done that or recognize 2021 me.” In my case, I’ve noticed that IMPACT+ has helped me define the type of marketer I am, the type of marketer I want to be, and given me the confidence to go boldly forth in that direction. While that may seem broad, it’s permeated my professional life. A prime example is what I’m doing right now: I perhaps didn’t have the level of confidence before to start a conversation like this, share my thoughts on a subject, or weigh in to help others. 2021 Adam is more engaged and active in professional communities now which has... See More

Can anyone point me in the direction of some bio video examples. I want to show some examples for our sales team before they consider what they're going to say in theirs.

Thanks for your help!
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Hello! I recently wrote an article and pitched it to our local newspaper for an upcoming insert specific to my industry. Great news is that the editor liked it and is going to publish it! Bad news is that due to space constraints she had to significantly reduce the length of the article. I understand the minimal approach for the newspaper article, but there's a lot of good stuff in the full article that I really want to post on our blog. However, it doesn't make a ton of sense without the very specific parts that are going to run in the newspaper article.

I'm not sure that a canonical link makes sense here since the article on the blog would have significantly more content than the newspaper article, but I also don't want to risk getting... See More
I just hired our first Content Manager at Enrollment Builders and I am SOOO excited for her to get started here. https://www.enrollmentbuilders.com/careers-content-digital-marketing-manager

What are the top 3 things you wish your boss/company had done for you when you got started to make you more successful? I want to make sure she is able to reach her potential here! : )

Also, given all of our Impact's opportunities, what do YOU feel is the best way to introduce her to what is here and get her involved?

Jen Goode
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I just picked back up "The Power of Moments" and have StoryBrand coming in the mail.

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I had a moment not too long ago where a blog title I wanted to roll with was exactly the character limit in HubSpot on the first try.
View full-size Download I threw my arms up in the air triumphantly and let out a little "woo!"...alone...in my wood-paneled basement...

I didn't share it with anyone because I didn't know anyone else that would appreciate that win in the process of what others may call "insider baseball" or "sausage making".

But we're a whole community of Content Managers and we know the satisfaction and the feeling of those types of wins!

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I was thinking that we could get stories and suggestions from users that have been here a while as well as commentary from newer users about what they're thinking of starting with. The hope and intention being that this could help guide newer users and give some direction with all the different awesome things you can do in IMPACT+!

In my case, when I joined ThePACT IMPACT+ I dove right into the Online Trainings. I was already on a training and certification kick so it was a natural fit.

I started with Marcus's intro course ("Fundamentals of They Ask, You Answer") and then moved on to courses that I thought could make an immediate impact in my work life which meant HubSpot courses from Carina and content courses from Liz.

What did you start... See More
Hey, Every Human!

We have some product we want to get rid of that is a one-off/customer decided they didn't need it. As a marketer, what is the best route for helping get rid of the product without using a platform like Shopify? Do I create a landing page and promote it on our homepage? Any other suggestions? (p.s., if you are looking for 24.5" shrink film, connect with me;)) See More
I'm putting together a collection of social media statistics based on online research and would love input on what stats or figures you've heard recently! Can be anything from consumer engagement to TikTok trends to overall user behavior.

Thanks in advance! See More
For me, it was a close photo disaster. I had to take a photo OF a photo that was in a frame of my boss and his wife.

This is NOT that photo, but the one originally used as the feature photo for this post included a reflection of “yours truly.” Yep, right on my bosses’ black jacket—there was my reflection! Ha!

I actually didn’t find it until I published the post. But… I quickly went back and picked another photo and edited the post and inserted the new feature photo. You may still be able to see an image, but the one before was VERY noticeable.

For safety’s sake, I always have someone else read my blog posts. I never thought to ask them to check the photos…

It’s a good idea to always have a second set of eyes. I usually ask my... See More
Hey all!

I'm writing an article that will provide actionable steps for new Content Managers to take within their first 90 days in order to set themselves up for success (and wow their boss!).

What advice would you give to someone stepping into the Content Manager role at a new company?

Let me know, thanks!!

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Asking sales professionals to take 1 hour out of their workday means the discussion has to be extremely valuable to what they do for their organization.

That's why we are launching the Sales Pros Hot Seat in the Sales Pros virtual peer group here in IMPACT+, and here is how it works:

The group will be limited to 15 people, making for an exclusive and tight-knit group of sales pros (no jump in and jump out business) You, the sales professional, will submit your challenges, ideas, or topics in a quick form so we can have all the topics in one place. The VPG leader (Chris Marr) will review the topics submitted and select 2-3 for our upcoming discussion We will send out the discussion topics a few days before so those in the hot seat can put... See More
In our February agency leaders virtual peer group next week, we are going to be discussing how we go about documenting processes as we grow our organizations. What processes are super important for agencies as we grow?

Here are a few that come to mind: Client communication and handoff to services Payment Management New Employee Onboarding
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