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Hi everyone - I have just completed a Masters in Digital Marketing and I am looking for a new role! I would appreciate any support you can give me to help me in my search. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer. See More
How often does your team meet?

We have a LOT of meetings at our office. At first, I felt like I was overwhelming everyone, including myself, with meetings. But then I realized that they all serve a purpose, and help strengthen our collaboration and communication. Here's what we do:

* Daily huddle - approx. 10 min. Right now we do these over the phone M, W, F but pre-COVID we did them standing up daily. I can't wait to do that again.

* Weekly - each department meets weekly to discuss sales, renewals, processes and whatever else in on their mind as things we need to tackle

* Bi-Weekly - all Team meets to go over personal/professional development, learn/discuss new trends/topics, and share how we can grow as a team.

* Bi-Monthly - 1:1s with... See More
Getting your startup funded is a dream of every startup founder from seed funding to later stages; funding plays a vital role in the success of every startup. But have you ever realized that more than money the source of money can be vital in your startup’s success or failure? Read more at - medium.com See More
I literally just joined. I’m curious to see what this community is about. I’m a freelance writer, so I’m not sure if I’m at the right place. Anyway, hello everyone! See More

I'm looking for some ideas or information on where to start with hiring some additional help for the marketing team.

The Background: I work for a regional IT company (managed service provider) based in Virginia. My title is "content manager", but I'm more of a one-man marketing department at this point. I work closely with the CEO to develop content and execute our inbound + TAYA strategy. Right now I do nearly all of the content writing, plus a lot of other tasks like updating the website, tweaking HubSpot, developing lead magnets, etc. I enjoy the work but the "one man circus" thing is limiting our publishing cadence for strictly TAYA content -- which I know is going to hurt us in the long run.

We also have an outside... See More
Good morning everyone,

I was hoping you could provide some insight on a blog we recently wrote. We caught backlash from the competitor featured in the article, which made my shareholders nervous about the entire strategy. HELP!

Can you provide your honest feedback about how well the comparison is written and whether the concern is warranted? Thank you in advance!


Kendra See More
Interesting to see how the pandemic has impacted the freelance market. And I wonder how many of those changes will stick as the economy opens back up.

From Social Media Today: LinkedIn is developing a new freelance marketplace platform to facilitate new opportunities See More
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Writing copy that not only engages and relates to the audience but also gets them to take action seems like a challenge a lot of us face, myself included!

So what are the tips, tricks, and best practices I've heard from experts?

Build a narrative that your audience will say "Yeah, that's me!" Speaking of audience, know who your audience is Keep your copy concise and clear (no jargon please) Make the action clear so it feels like a no-brainer
What else needs to be said that I didn't mention?

Also, I'm thinking Liz Moorehead 's session -How to write absurdly addictive website copy your ideal buyers will love - may be a good pitstop if you relate to this! See More
Hiya, I'm not a videographer, but I work closely with freelancers to create video content.

The biggest thorn on my side...

Case Studies.

I'm looking for tips on making Zoom versions compelling in our digital-only reality.

On-site video case studies: With masks required in studio, save for the speaker, what are recommendations do you have for videos that are usually filmed with an interviewer? Transition shots with the questions? Off-camera voice? Filming the interviewer and the interviewee separately isn't an option in this scenario.

Any other tips to make B2B case studies more appealing.

Thanks for the help! See More
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We've seen a LOT of businesses and clients close their doors or downsize due to the pandemic. And while I feel we've done a really great job around creating content around COVID and insurance (I own an insurance agency), it didn't feel like enough to me.

So, I created this video/email and sent it out to all our commercial clients.

I'd love your feedback. And also, I'd love to hear what your response would be.

THANKS! See More
Hey content writers!

I imagine some of us out here are armies of one — serving as both writer and editor in our organizations

What are your tips for editing your own work? How do you bring a fresh set of eyes to something you yourself have written?

Liz Moorehead ? Adam Stahl ? Ramona Sukhraj ? Jennifer Barrell ? Stephanie Hurd ? A penny for your thoughts. See More
Hi all!

I'm Elle, a new member of the IMPACT+ community and the new digital marketing and content manager for Enrollment Builders. I made a short video introducing myself and sharing some tips that helped me during my recent onboarding experience. My supervisor is a member of the IMPACT+ community and this community shaped some of my onboarding experience. I can't thank everyone enough for helping to make my onboarding at Enrollment Builders great!

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Our virtual peer groups are one of our most sought-after offerings here in IMPACT+, so let's make sure you apply your seat correctly!

Note: This is an IMPACT+ paid feature through IMPACT+ Pro or purchasing a seat.

Applying your IMPACT+ virtual peer group seat See More
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Digital Sales & Marketing World is back and better than ever!

Add it to your calendar and save the date now: https://www.digitalsalesandmarketingworld.com/
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Hey everyone! We have a number of speaker and session updates this week that I wanted to share with you all! You can also check out all the speakers and their sessions on our website.

Here's what is new:

Join Luke Summerfield & Alex Girard from HubSpot forThe 30 Day GDD Playbook Join Karen Hopper from M+R for Building a comprehensive website testing strategy for the ground up Join Crystal Carter from Optix Solutions for The future is featured: Optimizing for the featured snippet in 2021 JoinJennifer Osgood from Design Pickle forSolving your website pickles
It's one month away from the event, who are you most excited to see?? See More
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I used to hate being on video.

In fact, about a year and a half ago, I had a downright scarring experience with video for IMPACT (which resulted in a lot of crying and self-loathing) that made me swear I would never willingly go in front of a camera ever again.

Things are very different today. I now oversee our video program, and I just got home tonight from another video shoot for IMPACT. In fact, with 40+ videos under my belt now in the past four months, I can confidently say filming has become one of my favorite ways to spend my time during the workweek.

What changed?

Well, my personality is the same, I haven't lost any weight, and I'm still the same six-foot-tall loud mouth I've always been.

In fact, I haven't changed at all.

I know... See More
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Perhaps there’s many ways (I’d be in that boat as well) but what’s one thing that looking back to when you started on IMPACT+ you go, “wow, [insert year before joining] me wouldn’t have done that or recognize 2021 me.” In my case, I’ve noticed that IMPACT+ has helped me define the type of marketer I am, the type of marketer I want to be, and given me the confidence to go boldly forth in that direction. While that may seem broad, it’s permeated my professional life. A prime example is what I’m doing right now: I perhaps didn’t have the level of confidence before to start a conversation like this, share my thoughts on a subject, or weigh in to help others. 2021 Adam is more engaged and active in professional communities now which has... See More

Can anyone point me in the direction of some bio video examples. I want to show some examples for our sales team before they consider what they're going to say in theirs.

Thanks for your help!
Katherine See More
Hello! I recently wrote an article and pitched it to our local newspaper for an upcoming insert specific to my industry. Great news is that the editor liked it and is going to publish it! Bad news is that due to space constraints she had to significantly reduce the length of the article. I understand the minimal approach for the newspaper article, but there's a lot of good stuff in the full article that I really want to post on our blog. However, it doesn't make a ton of sense without the very specific parts that are going to run in the newspaper article.

I'm not sure that a canonical link makes sense here since the article on the blog would have significantly more content than the newspaper article, but I also don't want to risk getting... See More
I just hired our first Content Manager at Enrollment Builders and I am SOOO excited for her to get started here. https://www.enrollmentbuilders.com/careers-content-digital-marketing-manager

What are the top 3 things you wish your boss/company had done for you when you got started to make you more successful? I want to make sure she is able to reach her potential here! : )

Also, given all of our Impact's opportunities, what do YOU feel is the best way to introduce her to what is here and get her involved?

Jen Goode
Enrollment Builders See More