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I know.. I know... 2021 feels like a blur already and the fact that we are in the second week of March is scary!

But have you taken the time to reflect on how things have gone through these first couple months of the year? I'm not typically someone to slow down and take the time to do so but I learned a lot in doing the simple exercise of thinking about it and learned a couple things:

When I stress, I don't do enough to listen to my body and take care of myself. I usually default to the "power through mindset" but see my work productivity, my energy, and my positivity all take a dip. The world and the market are forming new trends when it comes to events and membership based organizations. Earning the trust of someone's wallet has... See More
Sure, stats are cool all on their own, but you can learn quite a bit from what they have to tell you beyond the pie charts and percentages.

If you're struggling to fully understand SEO or want to stay in the loop on some SEO tips and tricks, check out this article. (Teaser: the version of this article was born from stat #25!)

Check out the SEO article to learn more! See More
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Woot woot! Our closing keynote is finally here and it's THE Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce!

We are super excited to have Oli joining our speaker lineup with his session: The Marketing IQ Manifesto. Plus, he has this awesome stage setup so you already know he's going to deliver!
Oli's stage!
If you've seen Oli speak before, where did you first see him speak and how excited are you to see him again at the Website Optimization Summit?? Let us know in the comments! See More
Following up on Stephanie Baiocchi 's post yesterday, read an article by Marketing Landthat went a bit further to discuss how data from targeted advertising campaigns are impacted.

My takeaways so far is it doesn't seem crazy or unbearable and given that the law goes into effect January 2023, brands should have enough time to prepare themselves and their strategies in order to safely and legally use targeted advertising data in the state of Virginia.

Looking forward, I do wonder how this will influence national advertising spends when organizations either have to avoid Virginia or plan for more states to implement these regulations and plan ahead to abide by them.

Check out the full article here! See More
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My friends at Termageddon shared an article covering the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act last week. I love that states are taking it upon themselves to protect residents' data but I'm starting to get overwhelmed by all the laws out there and can only assume more are on the way.

I'm thinking about creating some sort of spreadsheet/table that has all the laws, the required privacy elements, and putting Xs on the ones that apply for each law. That way I can easily cross-reference my content to see if I've covered all of my bases.

I know Termageddon automatically updates our privacy policy accordingly with laws like this but that only works if we also update our practices if needed.

Anyone else have great ways of keeping track of... See More
Need to have a session for first time builders with a focus on tech, hosting, maintenance, daily/weekly updatable content. See More
While we have people like Clodagh Higgins , Bob Ruffolo and Marcus Sheridan here in IMPACT+ (all of which are great), who are other thought leaders you follow that I should too?

Anyone from agency owners to people working in the agency world would be appreciated! See More
"Twitter announced a pair of big upcoming features today: the ability for users to charge their followers for access to additional content, and the ability to create and join groups based around specific interests. They’re two of the more substantial changes to Twitter in a while, but they also fit snugly into models that have been popular and successful on other social platforms." - Jacob Kastrenakes

As someone who doesn't use Twitter, I wonder (and perhaps worry) how this will translate to a platform built on the pace of content. What content are people going to Twitter for that they can't find on other platforms, and what role will both influencers and brands play in using something like this?

Full article from The Verge: Twitter... See More
Most of us should be creating similar content in written and video form. We recently compared the successes of our blogs vs. videos. We discovered a few videos with similar KWs to our blogs that weren't performing at the same level. The traffic volume wasn't getting the same results in Google Search vs. YouTube views. At a closer look, we found there was an issue with our implementation on YouTube of these specific videos. A quick update to the tagging, keywords, description, we saw a big uptick in stats for these underperformers. Putting your content up against itself is a great check and balance. See More
Friends, I'm looking to create a recruitment style video about our agency, the type of employee we look for, and a little about us and our culture/values so that we can try and hire a new salesperson.

Does anyone have any recruiting videos they've created and would be willing to share the link for me to check out? I'll take all the ideas I can get! THANKS! See More
I recently finished recording and sending a 5-minute video to our sales team to walk through a new email campaign that starts today. This campaign “roll-out” was the video (with animated thumbnail) and a bit of summary text in an email. That's it and the response to it has been positive. It hit me that a year or two ago this would’ve been a 30-60-minute video meeting or an in-person one where everyone had their laptops. That blew. my. mind. I noticed I'm using short videos in place of things that may have been lengthy meetings before as well. It's also my go-to when I experience that “this is getting way too complicated” friction writing an email. My Vidyard library confirms that shift when looking at videos recorded each year: 2019... See More
Fewer Desks, More Green: What Amazon's HQ2 Says About the Future of Office Design - Inc.

The $2.5 billion location in Virginia won't be full of corporate feeling offices but instead will have 2.5 acres of land with daycares, running paths, and more. While I know Amazon has had its fair share of workplace issues, this seems like a move in the right direction on paper. We will see what comes of it as construction continues. View full-size Download
Remote work has kickstarted a hotel subscription-living movement - DigiDay
With the brutal hit on the hospitality industry, hotels are pivoting to join the growing popularity of a subscription model. Hotel chains are offering their rooms and spaces as alternative office locations for those who... See More
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Good afternoon,

I know this is a bit off-center based on the forum (so if too far astray, please feel free to remove) but I know there are business owners, executives, mangers, etc. on IMPACT+ and their businesses more than likely use email in some capacity.


The four zero-day vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild are considered critical and affect Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2016, and Exchange Server 2019. Currently, it reportedly does not impact Exchange Online.

A "zero-day" bug/vulnerability is a security flaw in hardware/software that is attacked by a (typically malicious) entity before the makers of that hardware/software have defenses in place for it. The hardware/software maker then releases a... See More
I've been putting together a master fast fact file at work to make writing our content easier. This master file will help us write our business one-sheets. Just curious if anyone had any best practices or tips for writing one-sheets. Things to include that they may not have realized were needed, experiences as a result of the one-sheets, things of that nature. See More
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I know I should host my own videos on Wistia or Vidyard. I read some of the impact blogs and they suggest Vidyard Professional. If my plan is to have 100 new videos this year with a Hubspot website and learning center, should I invest the $300 per month and start with Vidyard Teams? Also, what are the most important features for TAYA? Is it Calls-to-Action, Embedding, Viewer Contacts Center? Also, how important is it on our website to use embedding vs. link sharing? See More
I know I need online reviews for our prospects to feel comfortable selecting us as their service provider. We currently are doing nothing and have zero reviews. We are launching a HubSpot website based on TAYA, so where do I start building online reviews? What platforms do I use? What process do I use? Does industry matter or if you are B2B or B2C matter? Any help will be greatly appreciated. See More
Ok friends, let’s hear your best responses to online reviews - positive or negative. Also, do you respond differently to someone who gives you a 4 instead of a 5? See More
Hi there! I am pretty new to sales and would love to get recommendations on podcasts, authors, leaders, etc., that you find interesting. I want to immerse myself in any sales/marketing/organizational content that you think may benefit me. I am a big fan of works from Simon Sinek, Chip and Dan Heath, and Patrick Lencioni. Also, I appreciate any tips or advice you want to share with a "newbie". Thanks in advance! See More
I shared this article in our Breaking News community, and thought I should share it here as well!

Liz Moorehead wrote this great piece on what to expect and actions to take between now and May in order to ensure your website WINS May 2021.

Here's a link to the full article: Google's May 2021 algorithm update is a very, very big deal

See More
Liz Moorehead did a great write-up on what you can expect come May from Google's next update. While some are saying this next update won't be a big deal, she is saying otherwise. With the new page metrics coming out for Core Web Vitals, you have until May to get those issues sorted until they significantly damage your performance on the world's number one search engine!

Here's a link to the full article:
Google's May 2021 algorithm update is a very, very big deal Google's May 2021 algorithm update is a very, very big deal See More