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I'm curious, where do you all get your creative juices flowing when working from home?

For me, I have to move around.

Sometimes I lock myself in my office, get my desk organized, and then it's off to the races. Other times, I do what I'm doing right now and take my laptop outside and let the fresh air bring my brain back to life.

What about you? Are you a nomad like me? See More
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IMPACT+ Community,

How we show up in our sales conversations and communication is key to our success. For more on how we can improve our virtual sales game, check out this session from the Virtual Selling Summit.

Let me know what you comes up for you on this topic. See More
According to reports, Twitter is testing a feature that allows users to send quick cash payments (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) to celebrate and reward great tweets and replies.

I'm always interested in the ways we commodify the social media experience.

Is this a new version of upvoting, or is this a different beast all together? Will it change how people use the platform? Liz Moorehead ? Ramona Sukhraj ? See More
Hey everyone!

We've started using ClickUp here at IMPACT, and we're also fans of Trello. What do you use to get your work done and make sure nothing falls through the cracks?

Thanks! See More
Here's a recap of all the new course and lesson content we released in April!

New Pro Course - Creating memorable, money-making content for dummies In this revamped course, Editor-in-chief Liz Moorehead walks you through the simple processes and tools you need to produce the highest quality content possible every single time. By the end of the course, you'll learn how to create content that is guaranteed to excite your ideal buyers and make them ready to take immediate action.

New Free Lesson - 19 conversion and content offers that generate leads In this lesson, Lead Content Trainer and IMPACT+ Professor Kevin Phillips shares what the best types of conversion and content offers for your business are. By the end of this lesson,... See More
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Hi everyone,
I'm the sales manager for a software company in Florida. We build and sell software that helps RV dealerships grow.

Finding new sales hires has been very tough for us. We are building a powerful culture and finding cultural fits alone is tough. When we add on finding people who "get" inbound marketing and are willing to let go of old ways of selling...our search has become daunting to say the least.

We are about two months into implementing TAYA in our company and we have a long road ahead of us. So we need someone who gets it and is very adaptable.

So, do you know anyone with an extremely positive outlook, fun personality, and desire to grow who is looking for a sales job, and has the capacity and willingness to adapt Impact... See More
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That means 80% of your audience wants to stay in the virtual world. For all the sales pros out there, can you afford NOT to be a virtual selling master these days?
Right now, at the Virtual Selling Summit, Marcus Sheridan is diving into the state of virtual selling, where we are, where we're going, and what you need to know.
If you're a Pro member, you can still RSVP in the Events tab to join and recordings will be available after the event ends if you want to catch up.

Not a Pro member? Start a free trial and you can watch all the recordings from today for FREE!
https://offers.impactplus.com/pro-vss See More
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Anyone here have experience with email10k system ( Alex Berman's approach to cold email)?
His YouTube is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAr7M4Pz-c1WCpIz3YAJQeQ

I am trying to relaunch our cold email sequences but require a copywriter or agency with tons of experience writing short, engaging multi-medium cadences that book meetings to implement.

I have already posted on Fiverr and Upwork but haven't found what I'm really looking for.

Anyone have recommendations on how to source this specialized copywriting work?

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The Virtual Selling Summit is happening TOMORROW!

If you're a Pro member, all you have to do is RSVP right from your main feed. If you're not a Pro member yet, sign up for your 14-day free trial and you'll be able to RSVP FREE!

Will I see you there?

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I was inspired to ask this today because I was doing an interview and realized that there was one specific question I was really excited to ask.

It's unlocked a lot of great conversations for me lately and so I was looking forward to see where it would lead.

Borrowed from Liz Moorehead 's Content Compass, it's "why are they asking this question or researching this topic now?"

What are some of your favorite questions to ask when interviewing someone?

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You can be the best virtual salesperson ever but if you get on a video call with a prospect and they refuse to turn on their camera, what do you do? You can't see their facial expressions or even know for sure if they're listening! How do you respond?

I saw this clip from Marcus Sheridan in his talk as I was reviewing content for our Virtual Selling Summit next week and wow did I feel seen haha I've so been there! Check out this short 30-second clip and let me know how you'd respond:
How do you get people to turn on their cameras during a video sales call? Check out this video: videos.impactbnd.com See More
I've been hearing about a lot of businesses that once things start to open up post-pandemic, are transitioning their business to fully-remote permanently or a hybrid working model.

What are you doing?

Right now our plan is to bring everyone back over the summer and re-evaluate a hybrid model for the fall. Would love to hear what you all are doing! See More
This has been discussed in prior threads, however, it's so interesting that YouTube continues to grow. The biggest contributors to this growth seem to be the increased viewership on TV platforms, which is a recently add behavior that can be tracked on YouTube's channel dashboard.

Lindsey Schmidt , Jason Linde , and Ali Parmelee what are your thoughts with the increased growth in paid performance on YouTube? Fad or future? See More
That's right - a speaking spot at our Scaling for the Future event on May 25th just opened up. If you are interested or you know of someone who might be, comment here or email me at sbaiocchi@impactplus.com!

The spot is 35 minutes long and will be pre-recorded so you don't even have to be available on video the day of the event! (Though we'd love to have you in chat.)

Who wants to share their business growth story? See More
Good day all,

I was wondering how you go about carving out, blocking out, or blacking out time when you 100% need to focus on writing and writing alone.

This is something I've struggled with in the past so I was wondering how you've had success as fellow creators of content.

Onevery small thing I've been training myself to do, and set the expectation of, is that I will only be checking email at the top of the hour. We have other means of internal communication but I know those email notifications can sometimes pull me out of that writing groove that I like to get into.

What works for you? See More
Join IMPACT Editor-in-Chief Liz Moorehead tomorrow, Tuesday, April 27th, from 12:00 - 1:00pm ET for an IMPACT+ exclusive workshop and discussion about creating content that actually makes money... every single time.

You can register for FREE by going to the Events tab and clicking RSVP. Simple as that!

Here's what you can expect:
In 45-minutes you’ll learn a 4-step secret content formula that will wow your ideal buyer and makes content much easier to produce. BONUS: you’ll walk away with a worksheet to implement what you’ve learned immediately for your business. See More
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Semrush put together this great compilation of YouTube statistics recently that I think anyone who is interested in video for themselves or their company needs to look at.

Here are some of the statistics that stood out to me: It’s estimated that by 2022, there will be 210 million viewers in the U.S., up from 192 million in 2018. In 2020, 60% of marketers said they would increase their marketing budget for YouTube. In 2020, 62% of YouTube users in the U.S. accessed the platform daily. While many of us know YouTube and video as a whole need to be part of our future planning, these statistics really seal the deal. What are your thoughts? Is there a statistic that stands out to you? See More
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Here is a blog I wrote yesterday on my journey as a crazy booklover and poet, which led me to journalism, launching three B2B portals and 2 architecture magazines. But I digress, Here is my list of my favourite books top20 + books.. About second-hand bookshops in Bombay before it became Mumbai and that incomparable fragrance of second-hand books.
What are your favorite books? Do post your list in the comments.

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Holy moly there's a new HubSpot hub! A few things I'm excited about: Custom coded workflow actions (if you know JS, you could pretty much make HubSpot doanything) Better data syncing to other platforms Check it out here.

What do you all think?? Is this something you think you'll use? See More