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In our last mastermind we discussed the topic of mergers and acquisitions - there is a lot of movement happening in the Agency World - I have two videos to help Agency Owners - drop me a line if you have any questions or need some help.

How much is my Agency Worth?

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From Search Engine Journal: "Google expands shopping integrations to include retailers on WooCommerce, GoDaddy, and Square"

More retailers can now show their products on Google. This will shorten the distance between a search and a product.

Does that change the game for anyone? See More
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Carina Duffy , Jessica Palmeri , Jennifer Barrell and I were all discussing this issue that we've been seeing within the different industries we work with. So we have a question for you:

Are you experiencing this issue? What content have you created to address this? (And please share an example if you have one!) What has been the response from some of your prospects/customers?
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I've been using Outgrow to build a pricing calculator and would love your feedback. You can go through the calculator without submitting any information (just stop at the last step before submitting for a quote.) Choose "Concrete Leveling" as the option. Most of the others say "We don't provide that service." This would eventually be embedded within our website.

It's really been a balancing act between making it as simple as possible while having some kind of meaningful result. I still haven't been able to fully sell the sales team on this idea. But we are making progress. Any feedback at all is appreciated.

a1concreteleveling.outgrow.us See More
In his keynote this morning at Scaling for the Future, Andy Bailey said: "until we want change so badly we get emotional about it, it won't happen." I love that quote. What are you doing to make sure you want the change badly enough to make it happen?

I love the "wheel of life" approach Andy shared. If you missed it, the recording will be available right here in IMPACT+ by the end of the day!

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This should come as no surprise, but now it's official - Google's upcoming core update will be making a push towards mobile-first, with the initial launch of page experience update, with desktop following sometime in the future following the initial launch.

What does this mean for you? Liz Moorehead has two key recommendations: Focus on your page performance, specifically the load speed and mobile design of your website pages. Continue to focus on the quality of your website pages and ensure the content is both valuable and actionable for your audience. Get rid of the clutter and drive value every chance you can. Be sure to check out the full article for more updates on Google's June core update :) See More
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I am looking for some resources around pop ups. I will be offering a pdf download for an email.

I want to know how long should I wait until I show them the same pop up again. 1 day 2 days etc?

Is a pop up good or is a whole page takeover better?

I will be triggering these on exit intent. See More
As we spend more and more time on video we've all seen a lot of our coworkers and friends backgrounds. But have you ever wondered what THEY see?

I want to know what YOU see!

What's your setup like? What's your daily view? What's the one thing on your desk you can't live without?

If you've got some cool gear let us know what camera or mic you use. Favorite brand of dry erase marker? Color-coded post it notes (me) or pens ( Chris Duprey )?

Drop a pic below and let me know what's most important to you about your desk setup!

Here's mine - featuring different colored Post-it notes for different things, my atr2100 mic for the Hubcast, an HD camera and ring light (which I rarely use) the window that gives me most of my light and a nice view,... See More
Hey All!
Interested to see what types of questions you ask in an application for positions at your company to pre-qualify candidates. I am looking to steer away from an automatic personality/cognitive test right at the application stage. Does your company have open-ended questions that stick out to identify ideal candidates right out of the gate?

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I'd like to know what the IMPACT crew thinks the average number of SQLS per quarter should be for a company that is nailing the TAYA/IMPACT approach. And to follow that up, number of customers. Connor DeLaney Liz Moorehead See More
I've been on a bit of a reading binge and wanted to share some books that I've been reading in May. Yes, by binge, I mean borderline craziness!

What books have you been reading this month? Any recommendations we need to pick up? Let's hear it!

Professional [In Progress] - Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business by Donald Miller Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact by Phil Jones Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
For Fun [In... See More
I have recently started working for a business that is not necessarily naturally "engaging", but the company- which belongs to the freight-hauling industry- actually produces some awesome sustainability initiatives and has a very strong internal brand. As I am putting together a social strategy for them, are there any businesses that you could share as inspiration for examples of solid brand promo through digital channels? See More
Yeah, literally. I fell on my face back at IMPACT Live 2019 and I fell again this weekend.

But I fall metaphorically way more often than I fall literally. Okay, somewhat more often.

Sometimes when I work really hard on a campaign, optimizing copy and tweaking button text for days (or weeks), it can be really hard to see it totally flop.

It always makes me feel a little better to commiserate with others who understand before I pick myself back up and try again.

So, tell me your stories. When have you totally failed, flopped, missed the mark, etc. with your digital sales and marketing and what did you learn? How did you pick yourself back up? Help a girl out. See More
Hi, we are planning to change our domain name: takeoffpr.com. We started as a PR Agency, but since 7 years we are a pure Inbound Agency.

We think of takeoffinbound.com. A bit long but nothing else is available.

What has been the experience of Impact to switch from impactbnd to impactplus. On ahrefs I see quite drop in traffic, but ahrefs is not always right ;)

What would you do?


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I feel like I'm in somewhat of a niche market as the marketing director for an air medical company. We provide pilots/mechanics for air medical aircraft (mostly helicopters).

I downloaded the "how to do keyword research" playbook and I can't seem to hone in on keywords that have really high search volume besides: how much is a helicopter helicopter parts and a few airframe specific searches
And those are in relation to completions, which we also do.

How do you go about finding your keywords when it seems no one is doing much searching? I am hoping to use data like this to get my team on board with more content, but I'm a little disheartened. Most of the search volume for phrases like "aircraft operations," "children's hospital... See More
Does anyone have a really great social media content calendar template that they love and would be willing to share? We're looking to create an internal doc that we can use to keep track of each day's post (caption, hashtags, links) and the title of the blog article or video if included (for easy searching). Would also love to include a notes area. And keep track of what days of the week we can promote in local FB communities, as well as some fun/random types of holidays to post about.

These are just our initial thoughts, but would love to hear what others are doing and if you have any great templates that work well for you!

THANKS! See More
Hi All,

Would love to hear where you all save/store your sales scripts, email templates, etc. for ease of editing and access by the team? We've tried DropBox and Egnyte, as well as Google Drive.

Do you just put all your scripts/templates into one doc, or have each in its own and link to a master list somewhere?

Trying to get organized here! Thanks!! See More
I noticed a new (at least new to me) feature on our company LinkedIn page that lets you recommend curated content for employees at your company to share on their personal profiles.

In the analytics for your page, I believe you can see who shared these posts, which of their connections interacted with those posts, etc.

One of my big goals has been to try to get our brokers (we are a commercial real estate firm) to share our articles, resources, reports, etc. on LinkedIn since they are the ones with the connections in the industry. I'm hoping this could be an easy solution to that - but I'm also concerned that these posts may come off as inauthentic if they aren't in their voice.

Has anyone used this tool and had success? Or, what do you... See More