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Good day all,

With Q3 rapidly winding to a close, what was your biggest takeaway or win from the past 3 months?

Or, if there's still one more mountain you are aiming to climb before September closes, feel free to share that goal as well.

For me the biggest takeaway was that my investment in learning and the drive towards continual education paid figurative dividends in a big way. It also proved and cemented for that it'sso worthwhile and rewarding.

What's yours? See More
I was thinking about the idea of using the They Ask, You Answer methodology to create a stronger and more efficient hiring/onboarding process and the impact it could have.

Here's how I see it playing out:

The potential new hire is framed as the SME.

During the hiring process, we're regularly asking and answering questions between us and them, similar to a content manager interviewing an SME about a specific topic. You go in with knowledge and insight into what you are looking to hire for, and they bring a skillset or approach to fill that.

This back and forth allows us to better gauge if someone is a good fit to work for our company at all, let alone the role they'd be in. So, how can we speed this process up? Craft your job descriptions to... See More
We are looking to hire a company to help us develop our Standard Operating Procedures and Training Manuals. We'd love to have someone who has a good grasp on how to develop these procedures (being able to ask the right questions) and can help create written content, as well as video. We don't want this to just be busy-work but have a final product that can be used by both our existing franchises and new franchises, whenever they have a question about anything related to the operation of their business. Has anyone worked with companies that they would recommend? See More
Who can I contact about building out a template for videos in our knowledge base article system? See More
Hey there Content peeps!

I'm excited to show off our brand-new Learning Center at E-N Computers:


We've had a "learning center" button on our menu bar since our website relaunch last year, but it was pretty terrible - basically just links to our blog archive and some other random pages. Our category/tag structure was a mess too, with tons of duplicates, meaningless categories, and everything else you'd expect from 10 years of Wordpress.

So I spent the last few weeks rebuilding our taxonomy structure so that it (hopefully) makes more sense to our target audience. I added Industry and Persona groupings, and broke everything out by content type. Then I put it all together with a fancy AJAX search & filter plugin... et... See More
I just wanted to highlight an article Marcus wrote for franchises. (I may be a little late. I've been on the road preaching TAYA to our franchise owners.... oh, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.)

The digital marketing plan to franchise your business: They Ask, You Answer

This is a great introduction to TAYA for franchises, and I'm excited to share it with the team here. Thanks Marcus Sheridan for this fabulous tool. I'm slowly but surely winning the leadership over, and this may just be what I needed to get them to pull the trigger (meaning... spend some money on a content manager.)

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They Ask You Answer Marcus made joke at a conference I had read the book 37 times thats probably not far off.
I have purchased this book more than 5 different times. Its normally because I give a new small business owner my copy.

I will always keep a copy with me. The version in my bag right now is actually signed by Marcus on the day we published our 1000th flood education video in 1000 days.

Lets get to the hidden message of how this book can impact our team and employees.

One major reason someone leaves a job is they don't feel appreciated or that someone is not listening to us. This is one area we try to focus the They Ask You Answer strategy.

Just this morning i updated a form our team uses each day after reading the same email from the... See More
Here is a great snapshot of what you need to know from the Marketing Leadership Benchmark Report by Drift.

Two key takeaways for me: 74% of survey respondents said marketing has increased in importance at their company 53% of leaders said content marketing will be the most important specialization to their team’s success over the next five years. Thank you Paul D. Grant for putting together this piece! See More
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I read They Ask, You Answer probably once per year. Pretty often, I come back to the foundations of doing it, like The Big 5 or Selling 7. However, as I'm listening to it now, there are three points that keep ringing true that hadn't stuck with me while reading it before:

"So you don't make any mistakes" - I've seen and heard Marcus speak almost as many times as anyone and yet this phrase has never quite clicked until now. Whether it be a buyer reading content ahead of time so they don't make any mistakes in their buying decision (buyer's remorse), recording a sales call to ensure no details are lost in the virtual ether (building trust), or sharing what your buying and selling process looks like (think of the CarMax example), it all... See More
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i hired someone to do my hubspot site they ended up updating a lot of the code. However I can't remember who I used. I am trying to find a way to train my va team to be able to update this code and learn html on vidyard.

Any suggestions for resources? See More
Growing up I was the only kid in class that failed every single accelerated reader test. In the seventh grade, I was pulled out of English class because I was holding other kids back. I scored so low on the ACT there were only two colleges that would give me conditional acceptance. I never saw another English book until college. That was when I failed college English 5 times. Then about 15 years later I ran across the book below. I am not a reader at all. One reason is that I have an undetermined brain tumor that can sometimes impact my vision. The other reason is my ADHD really kicks in when I start reading. However, I managed to read They Ask, You Answer not once but five times over the last few years. I took the concepts of this book... See More
  • Vidyard 101
  • More than Big 5
  • Blog SEO
We have two new courses and one new lesson in IMPACT+!
Vidyard 101: Tool basics, tips, and tricks

In this course, you will learn: How to use Vidyard to supercharge your most important sales and marketing videos (The Selling 7) How to empower your sales team with the sales enablement videos they need with Vidyard The power you have in using Vidyard for your educational content videos How to optimize the execution of your content strategy, start to finish, with Vidyard The benefits from using Vidyard with HubSpot to support your marketing and sales efforts with video. Other best practices, client stories, and words for the Vidyard and IMPACT+ team!
How to Optimize a Blog Post for SEO

By the end of this course, you will have a step-by-step... See More
I know this wasn't a "typical summer" but I'm curious to see how many leaders we have in here that took some time off this summer.

Now that September has just started, I want to know who is geared up to take their business to that next level!

Is that you?

If it is, I'd love to hear why.

...it's time to brag, so go all out in the comments! See More
Hey Everyone,

Anyone have an email validator they like? Need to test about 1,300 emails.

Thank you! See More
I'm working on the first article in a series for IMPACT and I was curious about the best way to position the articles to be recognizable as a series and still SEO friendly + valuable for someone who hadn't read any previous articles in the series.

If you have any examples of article series you publish each month, that'd be amazing for inspiration as well. Thanks! See More
Hello from New Zealand !!

I'm on a mission to create a pillar page. My first attempt. The page will be an "ultimate guide" to help anyone wishing to hike the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

My question:

I will write a detailed description of the track itself. It will include geology, volcanology, vegetation, physical features etc. Do I include this in the pillar page or as a subtopic as a blog post?

How does one decide to include all the juicy details in the pillar page or as blog post

The search term Tongariro Alpine Crossing receives 15,000 searches per month. Then there's weather, shuttles and map which receive around 5,000 searches collectively. After these key words the monthly search volume drops off significantly.

I've... See More
We are a piano lesson studio. And we have a quiz on our site as the main call to action. They take this quiz to see if they are ready for lessons. We email them their results and show them their results on the next screen.

With this email we nurture them and send them email spread out over the next month.

On the thank you page we offer them a free intro lesson.

My question is should I have this quiz be gated at the end and allow them to go through to the thank you page without providing their email.

Or is is smart to ask for their email so we can follow up?

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Dear IMPACT + Team,

For Liz Moorehead ,Creating memorable, engaging compelling content for Beginners, I am at 71% and almost done taking notes. For Kevin Phillips , The Big 5 Course, I am at 17% and will finish that last.

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For content managers, how do you balance the thoroughness that Google likes to see with the scanability and brevity your sales team might want for assignment selling pieces? Can the same piece serve both ends?

I have my ideas, but I'd be interested in hearing yours!
Liz Moorehead , Ramona Sukhraj , Nathan Dube , Bri Stauffer , Mark Wilson , Katie Martens , Betsy Francoeur , Jeremy Sutton , Paul D. Grant See More
I just finished reading this book the other day and honestly, it's changed the way I approach thinking about how my work and personal lives intertwine.

The book challenges the idea of needing to have balance and replaces that notion with finding satisfaction and prioritizing what makes your life satisfied.

For example, my prioritization for satisfaction could be: Family Work/Career Health Social Education If I take the time to meet each of these five priorities, I know my life will be more satisfied. While I know we've all read a lot of self-help books, I'd recommend this one over others! See More